Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Gold Mornings

Mornings are that time of the day which can break or make your entire day. How I begin my day decides how I go through the entire day.

Waking up foregoing the comfort of my warm soft blanket is perhaps the most difficult task to perform. Having no other go, I unwillingly get up and slowly make my way out of the bed wishing I had a few more extra minutes to sleep. And then I see my cute little dog all hyper and waiting for me.

The moment I go near him, he licks and cuddles and plays like he's been waiting for it all night. And there my morning is turned into a gold morning. I spend about an hour with him talking to him about everything under the sun. My whole day is made there. Everything I do the entire day I do with the same zeal and spirit with which my morning started.

My mantra to  turn my good mornings to gold mornings is definitely spending wholesome time with my puppy.  It sure ensures an electric fun start to my day. I feel quite a difference going ahead with my everyday chores after I've spent time with him. I find myself on a high with a lifted spirit that keeps me going all through the day.  What better way to kick start your morning than to spend time with someone who probably loves you more than himself.

A piping hot cup of coffee right after this makes sure my morning blues are long gone. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is sure to kindle your senses and lift your spirits. And hence, all the desire to sleep more disappears right away and you're left curious to go out and explore all that a new day has in store for you.

Just like my cutie who ensures my day begins with a bang, Colgate Gold 360 takes care of the fresh start my mouth deserves. The sparkling gold toothbrush is such a delight to even just hold.  It gives you this feeling of royalty. When your mornings begin with so much of richness and luxury, your day is sure to go on wonderfully. Go ahead try it out yourselves , you'll surely not be disappointed :)

A lovely golden box from Colgate sure turned a morning into an extra gold morning. Sparkling with everything gold this is something anyone would've greatly loved :)

It is indeed time to wake-up to a gold morning after all. This post was written for #Colgate360GoldMornings.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Nothing But Greatness

The very instant I saw the tag #madeofgreat , I could clearly picture a person in my mind. I am the kind of person who takes forever to make decisions over the tiniest of things. For me to quickly zero in on this particular person without having any second thoughts is something quite rare.

I believe, to be #madeofgreat one needs strong determination, a farsighted vision and zeal made of steel to overcome any humungous obstacle. All these qualities and more, I find in my dad.

He hails from a small town in the Southern part of Tamilnadu and spent the first two decades of his life there. In an age when only professional courses were branded to be worth studying, he chose to be different. Much to the opposition of the whole family, he decided to pursue literature. At a time when it was impossible for someone to go out several miles from their hometowns to study, he chose to be different.  He chose the best learning centre for his course of study and fought against all odds to pursue his passion.

He studied what he loved and loved what he studied. He passed out with flying colours and landed in a good job much to everyone’s surprise. To be a professor in a reputed college at a very young age and to teach students hardly a year younger is something many people cannot even think of. A couple of years later, he realized that teaching the same thing over and over again was becoming monotonous and he could not quench that thirst which kept driving him to learn more and more. Again, much to the opposition of everyone he knew, he decided to quit his high paying job and take up another one which involved more of research and exploring.

He came to the city of Chennai with high hopes of making it big in his career. He went on to pursue a PhD in a subject that is close to his heart. A few months into his new job he realized all the flaws the organization had and all the hindrances that kept his vision from becoming a reality. Clearly, he did not want to work for someone else’s dream. He again decided to quit and start his own organization to work to realize his own dream. Of course, starting from scratch is not quite easy. The struggles and trials he faced were endless. Amidst all the troubles, he did succeed in his attempt to build an enormous study centre namely ‘The Institute of Asian Studies’ which is now an International organization which collaborates with many countries for the purpose of research.

The more he grew, the more popular he became, more the tribulations started pouring in. With great power comes great responsibility indeed. I am still amazed at how he overcomes at all obstacles thrown at him and finally triumphs over it all. With every struggle, he just comes back stronger than ever. From his humble beginning, no one would’ve ever imagined he would make it this big, much to the awe of everyone who was against his decisions. 

I fail to understand what keeps him going despite all the disappointments and discouragements. Perhaps, it is that blazing desire to make his dream a reality which gives him the strength to overcome anything and everything. Words cannot explain how powerful a driving force one strong dream is.

I could not have been any luckier to be his kid. To have him by my side, slowly shaping me, giving me all the freedom to do I want and guiding me in every single aspect of life. Sometimes, it is  a joy to watch him work and organize everything. I have not seen such passion and determination in any one I know of. I cannot have a better inspiration to aim at great things which may now seem a distant dream. And to have him by my side all the time is something I should thank my stars for.  

Needless to say, I have been greatly influenced by him. Everything I do, reflects a part of my dad. He has never forced his interests on me, but the passion and spark with which he talks about his subjects made me fall in love with it. I wish, one day I too will face the world with his steely grit and the willpower to conquer anything.

He is one perfect embodiment of a person who succeeded only because he followed his dream no matter what came his way.
And to me, my dad, Dr.John Samuel is undeniably #madeofgreat.

This post was written for the Tata Motors #madeofgreat contest.

Here's a question for my readers,

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Good Luck :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Growing up..

Hey there!

This is going to be the shortest post I've written. Its 11'o clock in the night and usually I'm all wrapped up in bed this time.
The title is all philosophical, I agree. There is this thought on my head running in an infinite loop. I just wanted to express this feeling that you get when you think you know some one so well and you are forced to change that in one instant. 
I know it breaks your heart and all. But the best way you can keep your life from falling apart despite  all this is ignoring things that happened and pretending that you don't know.
Eighteen years of my life and this is what I've discovered. This view of mine might change in another 10 years. But as of now, this is what I need to keep going.
And hence the title, growing up.

P.S I'm writing this post simply because I don't want to forget this particular day. I'm sure when I'm gonna read this again it will bring back all the memories. And I do hope the person who 'm really talkking about gets the point.